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Homeowners Insurance with Ortega Insurance Services

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Our experienced team at Ortega Insurance Services will provide you with the professional insight you need when it comes to choosing insurance coverage for home. In the economic conditions we live in today, it is essential to ensure that you and your home are well protected under the appropriate insurance policy in the event of theft, fire or other misfortune.

Closely Working with our Clients

We will work closely with you, listening carefully to what kind of coverage you are looking for so that we can devise a policy that will provide maximum coverage for your needs. We want you to be confident that you are completely protected and our homeowners insurance plans will provide you with peace of mind that you are!

We Provide the Protection that You Need!

Let us provide you with the assurance that your home and your belongings are covered should the unthinkable happen. Let our team at Ortega Insurance Services provide the protection you need, at the great rates you want!
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Contact Our Staff Today.

If you live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and you are interested in any of the homeowners insurance policies we offer, or if you would like to speak with us directly, then contact us at today. A member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule an appointment with one of our insurance agents.